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Ace CD Burner

 audio cd burner Ace CD Burner is designed to make audio CD from your MP3/WAV collections. It is a piece of software for burning MP3 or WAV files as CD audio that could be played on car CD player, CD discman, and so on.

Ace CD Burner includes a CD ripper for ripping CD audio tracks to WAV files, an MP3 player for playing MP3 or WAV files, a CD label maker for designing and printing label for your CD, an MP3 to WAV Converter for converting MP3 files to WAV files.

Ace CD Burner includes an MP3 player for playing MP3 or WAV files. By converting WAV to WAV, it could resample the WAV files with different format including Channels, Frequency, and Bits per sample. For example, users may need to resample the WAV's format to a standard format "44,100 Hz, Stereo, 16 Bits" for buring as audio CD.

The software supports ripping CD audio to WAV files, converting MP3 files to WAV files, designing and printing CD label, playing MP3 and WAV files.

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Key Features
  • Convert MP3 to CD - burn audio CD from your MP3 collections
  • Convert WAV to CD - burn audio CD from your WAVE collections
  • MP3 To WAV Converter - Convert MP3 to WAV files
  • Audio CD Ripper - Extract CD to WAV files for burning
  • CD Label Maker - Design and Print CD Label for your CD
  • MP3 WAV Player - Play MP3 or WAV files.
  • Custom Output WAV Options.
  • Custom Output Folders.
  • Custom Windows Appearance.
  • Very EASY TO USE interface!
  • Full HTML Help.

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