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MP3 CD Recorder

 mp3 cd recorder Record your favorite MP3's as an MP3 CD for playing on your MP3 player!

MP3 CD Recorder is a piece of software designed for the purpose of writing MP3 files as MP3 CD for being played by MP3 CD Players.

MP3 comression can save you 10 times of disc space without lose too much audio quality. An audio CD may save 10 to 20 songs, or 80 minutes of audio. Comparing with Audio CD, an MP3 CD can save around 200 MP3 songs of 128 kbits, or more than 10 hours of music, and it can even save more if you decrease the MP3's bitrates.

With MP3 CD Recorder, you can burn hundreds of MP3's to an empty CD. The CD may be played by MP3 discman or MP3 CD players.

Buy Now Instant Download for $24.95 (30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE)
If you are not satisfied with the software, you may ask
your money back within 30 days without questions asked.

Key Features
  • Burn MP3 as an MP3 CD for being played on MP3 CD Players
  • Search MP3 files from your computer
  • Edit MP3 information like title, artist, composer, etc.
  • Add MP3 playlist and readme file to the target MP3 CD
  • CD Label Maker - Design and Print CD Label for your CD
  • Custom Folders on target MP3 CD
  • Very EASY TO USE interface!

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